We concluded the following.
Solving NP-complete Problem or solving combinatorial problem
by linear algorithm in polynomial time is impossible.
It is almost equal to saying "Drink up the sea water!".

The thread of Ariadne

Theseus, who killed the ox-head -human-body monster Minotauros inhabited Labyrinth with
aid of Ariadne who gave him a sword and a thread ball, was going to return home Athinai
accompanied by the girl. However it happened that his ship sailed away from an island
where they touched down on the way home while Ariadne fallen asleep in the shade of a tree.

An Infinitely Palindromic Square-Free Sequence
An Efficient Factoring Algorithm by Repunit Number Method
A Polynomial Time Solution for Plesnik's Problem by Irrigation Canal Method
A Polynomial Time Algorithm for Matrix & Graph Isomorphism
The Final Solution for Kelly-Ulam Conjecture
Kelly-Ulam Conjecture and Graph Numbering
Strongly Intransitive Graphs and The Perfect Graph Conjecture
Universal Turing Machine with Active Graph
Ariadne 100 Hamiltonian Circuit Experiment Program
Regarding the Solution of Hamiltonian Circuit Problem Using Experimental Graphs
or the Method of How to Control One's Fortune

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